Monday, April 28, 2008

Quick blog.... I need a "middle of the day vent session"

Just a quick blog today to, well, vent... I should have known this would be a frustrating day.. just by the way it started!

1. First, I got called out of my hour turbo kick class at the gym right in the middle by my hubby. If you have ever bought a house, you know that usually two days before you are supposed to close, the bank calls with some outrageous condition... One of course that you have to do THAT DAY. Well, our one and only condition before the bank would let us close, was to pay off the one and only loan that we have.... today. Ok, let me pull that out of my sweaty gym pants I am wearing ( remember, I was called out of class for this request!)...
2. Finally got the condition from the bank taken care of. Its lunch time now. What a fun day so far, right???
3. As per my daily routine.. It is noon now, and that means NAP TIME for JJ. So at THREE OCLOCK ( yes, three hours later)... hes asleep. That wasn't an annoying three hours or anything.
4. Now, I get to figure out how I can let the baby sleep... and pick Kyli up from school at the same time. Thought for a spilt second "Hes ok alseep, as long as I hurry". Nevermind. Bad idea. (yes I know, your thinking I should be crowned mother of the year). Have to call mom. Can you come watch him while I run get Kyli. Sure! she says.. Mom rocks!
5. Kyli gets home from school. Feels like the day may get long from here on out. Decided to clean out her backpack. Bad idea, considering the above ( 1-4) day I have already had.
6. Deicide to clean out back pack anyways. Find some stuff. Like three parent letters I should have recieved, O, a week ago. Found some " missing math assignments". That explains the D. Wow, now your really thinking " Mother of the year". I tell her, your almost 11 now, I can't move your hand and make you do things anymore when I'm not there, you have to do it. Hopefully one day that sinks in.
7. Its the end of the school year, I think I am slacking. Kyli is moving back to Vegas with her mom and I think I am just tired from this last year. Been pretty emotional and hard. Had my first born.. 4 weeks later, welcomed my second. She was 10. And in school. This year will be interesting, I thought. It's hard to take out 9 years of a child being raised a complete OPPOSITE way than I would ever raise my children, and try and change it in a matter of a year. Hence the reason that Kyli is moving back to Vegas. I gave it all I have. You cannot be more than you are, and I keep telling myself I am not a bad person, I am just only one person. I can't take the place of a mother.
8. So, I blogged. And let it all out.. I know build a bridge and get over it! O.. One more thing.. I need some advise. ANYONE HELP...........
9. I am the Ward Activity Days leader for the 10-11 year old girls. I have a partner who has basically told me in a round about way that she just doesnt have the time to do this. So, I am on my own, with 14 girls once a week..with a 17 month old baby. In a small house! Up until this week, I have just tried to be creative and have something fun for the girls to do.... But now, I am at a standstill. I can't find a website, book, anything that can give me some ideas.... So, If any of you are in primary, or have been, or are just creative...HELP!

OK Im done. I feel better! Thanks for reading. Im sure you all feel much better about your day now!!!!! MUAH!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

ChEeZzY FaCe!!!!!

So, a couple of days ago, me being me, got a little bored and decided to do something funny.. It had been a long morning of gym workouts and laundry, so by the time lunch came, I needed a well deserved ( I think!) break! As I was feeding JJ his lunch, I started making funny faces at him to make him laugh... as I was making these faces, I wondered to myself " I wonder if I could teach him to make a specific face on demand", so........ I made a squishy face and a cheesy smile, shrugged my shoulders, and told him to "Make a cheesy face!!"... He just laughed for the first couple times I made the face and told him to make it, probably thinking I was an idiot.. but after 3 or 4 times, he started to make the face when I said "Make a cheesy face!" So, I then decided this face has got to be caught on camera! So here are the three pictures... The first two were making the attempt to capture it..but finally, with picture number three, you can see the full on, on demand "CHEEZY FACE!"........... Now, every time you tell him to make a cheesy face, he puts all of his energy ( as you will see in picture number three) into in, and makes the funniest, cutest face ever!

Attempt number one.......


And there it is.. The full on, squishy face, cheesy smile, shrugged shoulder, Cheezy Face!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tagged Carla this time!!

Well, Carla thanks for taggin me, I think these tags are kinda fun.. you can learn alot about family and friends that you never knew!

· A attached or Single: attached
· B best friend: My cutest husband ever.. JEFF!
· C cake or cookies: Cookies, chocolate chip to be exact
· D day of choice: Sunday. Church, mac n cheese, and nap time!
· E essential item: chapstick and mascara
· F favorite color: It's different everyday.. always between pink, brown and teal
· G gummy bears or worms: Neither, I don't like when things get stuck in my teeth
· H hometown:Las Vegas
· I indulgences: Cheesecake
· J January or July: January.. hello its my birthday month!
· K kids: 2.. Jeffery ( JJ) 17 months and step-daughter Kyli is 10
· L life is incomplete without: my family..and chapstick
· M money spent too often on: clothes for the kids, clothes for ourselves and COSTCO!
· N number of siblings: 2 sisters, 3 brothers
· O oranges or apples: oranges
· P phobias or fears: cockroaches
· Q quotes: Keep your words sweet.. cause you never know when you will have to eat them...
· R reason to smile every morning: My little JJ saying "mama" into the monitor
· S season: fall.. Amen Carla!
· T tag three friends: I pick... Kim, Mandy and (sorry again Andrea!), Andrea!
· U unknown fact about me: I cannot sleep in silence. I have to have my nature machine blarin'!
· V very favorite store: Target..but American comes in a CLOSE second!
· W worst habit: Everything annoys me.. haha
· X eXciting news: We get to move into our new house in less than a week!
· Y your favorite food: Italian
· Z zodiac: Aquarius

Friday, April 18, 2008

First Trip to Mcdonalds Playland....

So today, little Jeff made his first trip to McDonalds playland! I know, hes 16 months old and you're thinking.. "Poor kid, he's never been inside a McDonalds??"... Well, let me say this was sure not his first time eating MickeyD's, it was just his first official time inside of it! So, he did super good eating his nuggets and fries and his very own juice box!! He was not a fan of the playland though, which surpirses me because he usually loves new things and exploring, but he was not havin the slide into the balls! Plus, I think the older kids kind of scared him ( we all know how loud that place is with all those big kids!) So, instead he and I just chilled at the table and he took in all the sights of the painted wall of Ronald McDonald and friends..and also made every sound of every animal that happened to be painted next to Ronald McDonald and friends!! So I took a couple snapshots of what a big boy my little baby has become! My how time flies......

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Thanks Leslie...for tagging me! So, enjoy finding out what a FUN and intersting person I am.. haha. That was a joke!

1. Jobs I've had:Wow. This list is gonna be long. Daycare teacher. Foot Locker ( I was the hot chick in the ref outfit! haha). Waitress. Loan Office Manager. Cosmetologist. And, in aggreance with Leslie... the best one.. Im a mama!

2. All the places I have lived: Las Vegas, Utah, then Las Vegas, then Utah.

3. 4 favorite movies: Tombstone ( we have great taste Les!), Juno, Sweet Home Alabama and 40 year old virgin ( yes, its rated "R".. but I have to say sorry.. it's the funniest movie EVER!

4. 4 favorite foods: Pork Salad from Durangos ( all St. Georgians will know what Im talkin about!), my mamas potatoe salad, fried macaroni balls from Cheescake Factory, and anything from Olive Garden :)

5. 4 weird things about me: I hate the feel of cotton so I have to lick my Q-tips before I clean my ears (OK seriously Les, it has to be hereditary... cause I do the same thing!!), I hate to go pee.. so I hold it until it is no longer physically possible to keep it in! I shave my arms.. and I have to sleep with a nature machine on at night because I can't stand silence ( my poor husband!)

6. 4 favorite shows: Desperate Housewives, American Idol, anything on HGTV or TLC, and The Hills..

7. Places I'd love to go: Europe, New York City, Bahamas, and an Alaskan Cruise

Now I'd LOVE to tag you... Andrea! All you gotta do is copy and paste this list into a new blog.. and tell us all about you!

Mommy and me!

Well, becuase my husband is the doll that he is and works so hard to support our family, he is NEVER available for family pictures! So, I took it upon myself, along with Aunt Lisa, to get some pictures taken of me and my little man.. I couldn't bear the thought of not capturing him at this precious and FUN age! So... enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It is official! I have entered the blogging world.. Now keep checkin us Johnson's out because tonight I am DETERMINED to work on my page and make it all pretty and personalized... Thanks to my wonderful sis Leslie, atleast I have one! So, now into the blogging world I enter.....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ok! Thanks to my sister Leslie my family now has a blog! She is actually typing this (to help me get started) and she is awesome! (Hee hee) Check back often. I'll get things posted as often as I can!