Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter, Bathroom remodel and some randoms..

Happy late Easter! I have so much to blog about its not even funny... I will start with a really funny picture of JJ in his hat and scarf Grandma Johnson made for him at Christmas. Jeff said that he looks like Ralphies little brother from Christmas story haha! Lots of pictures follow, so I will blog about those when you get there....

Here is a couple of our quick snapshots after church on Easter. JJ looked so cute in his little vest and shirt, I probably should have devoted more time to doing pictures, but it was Easter.. we wanted Easter dinner!!

We decided to color Easter eggs before church on Sunday, we don't have church until 1 and Jeff wasnt able to do the hunt with us on Saturday becasue he was at work, so we did a little coloring and hunt with just the three of us....

How stinkin' cute is this picture???!! I love his little facial expression in it!

These are the pictures from Saturday night before Easter at Grandma and Grandpa Campbell's house.. He was loving the hunting, but the chocolate even MORE! If you notice in all these pics, there are hardly any eggs in his basket... It's because everytime he found an egg, he would open it and eat the candy inside and then ditch the empty egg... SMART kid!

JJ LOVES LOVES LOVES to help 'Gampa" with any task possible! JJ was 'holding' the hammer for Grandpa while he was fixing the TV stand.. I just thought this was a cute pic!
JJ LOVES to wear his daddys hat! Anytime he can get a hold of one, it goes right on top of his head :)
Daddy's little shadow.. He was mowin the lawn and JJ had to get his hand in there somehow!
I dont' know how many of you participated on Earth Day, but there was an hour of time that everyone decided worldwide to go without power for one whole hour. We decided to participate, so we turned off all the lights inside and out, fired up the BBQ and had a candlelight dinner on the front porch! It was a really good time and makes a really fun memory for us to have.

TADA! Here follows the infamous bathroom remodel.. It is FINALLY DONE!!! With the exception of the baseboards. They still need to be purchased and cut.. but hey cut me some slack....

Here are the slate floors.. with the addition of my bright pink toes!

The view from the hallway.....

I didnt purposly go for the beachy theme, it just kind of evolved and I love it! I decided to go really spa-like and add some river rock to the sink!

So.. thats the bathroom... And now, for the classic 2 year old moment.... JJ decided that it would be fun to smash gum into his hair, and he is lucky that he is a boy cause mama didnt even mess with the peanut butter to get it out.....

We just shaved it.. How cute is this baby?!?!?!?!
And last but not least... We are moving. Not far. We are staying in our little town, we have just decided that the best answer for our situation is to move. Jeff is almost done with his CNA course, and he will soon be starting school full time. This will only leave time for him to work part time. Our income will not support our lifestyle as it is today, so we are going to have to make some sacrifices, and one of those is to move to a smaller and cheaper place so that there is less stress for Jeff and I, and he can concentrate on school! That's all for tonight.... Happy Blogging!