Thursday, August 28, 2008


I got this idea from Carla, and I thought it was so fun! So... I did it :) If you want to do it, just go to google images and type in your answer. Pick a pic you like and upload it! Enjoy!

Favorite color
Favorite flower
Favorite vacation spot ( Seattle!)
Dream vacation

Favorite food
Where I grew up:Where I live:

Past love

Favorite treat:

Favorite animal:

First name:

Middle name: (Marie!)
Last name:

What I'm doing right now:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Once upon a time....

There was a little boy and his mommy. The little boy's mommy decided that it had been a long, super hyper day filled with boy, so... The mommy decided she needed a time out from all the mayhem, since her little boy was becoming so..well..boy! Mommy thought that if she offered said little boy a yummy treat, she could sit him in his high chair, and have a short, yet quiet, moment of HGTV. About 5 minutes went by, and mommy thought " He should be done with his treat by now, I will go get him all washed up, and we will watch Nemo together, and have a little more quiet time" (haha, I know).. So, mommy pried herself off the comfy chair, and into the kitchen she went to get her little man outta the high chair. Low and behold, this is what she found..... Words cannot express the smile that came across the mommy's face! I guess this is what she gets for thinking chocolate pudding was a good idea for a "quiet time snack!".. So much for thought!
He gave up on the spoon, and went straight in for the kill!
I LOVE this cheesy face! This is the face he gives when he thinks he is in trouble (and he's usually right!) But this time he was wrong.. how could any momma get mad at this face!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just a thought......

Is it just me recently becoming so accustomed, or is really true.....

The harder you try, the more effort you put in, and the more obedient you become..... The harder, and more often, you fall and have to try and get up????????

It's like, cut me some slack here! Don't misread what I am trying to say here, I really am not a negative person (or so I thought)! But it's like they say... "count your blessings".. OK, so I have done that OVER and OVER, believe me, I know I have many! But is it human to just wonder....
"OK, I do have many many things to be gratful for, but it would be nice to just catch a tiny break" I talked to my sister about this, and when I sit back and think about it, we have really been caught some pretty cool little breaks lately, which I am SO grateful for, but it just seems like for every one break we catch, we get 100 more obsticles! I keep telling myself, this is all just a test, I know that in the end, we will be blessed tremendously, if only we are obedient to the cause! But, in the meantime, my human ( and ever so imperfect) mind leaves me wondering if it's true.....

The harder you try, the more effort you put in, and the more obedient you become..... The harder , and more often, you fall and have to try and get up????????

Friday, August 15, 2008

An update of some happenins'

I'm here to update! First off, before the plethora of random pics I have downloaded for your enjoyment, let's update... I spent last weekend in Vegas, and had a blast with the girls! Thanks Andrea, Emily and Kim for the fun night at Cheescake Factory! I think we spent more time outside flappin our jaws then we did inside eating! Love you girls :) A big shout out to my sister Leslie and her family for letting me crash at their pad while I was there, and especially to Trevor for giving up his bed! I had a great time getting away all alone and getting to see my family and friends :) Now, onto the photo gallery, I haven't uploaded pics in forever, so brace yourself...

I LOVE this picture of my JJ.. How cute are those dimples! Kyli made him a baseball Build-A-Bear and brought it up when she came for a visit. Of course, he was more interested in the box... but he loved it!

We were able to spend a night out with some of the family, my brother in law Shane had a work party at the new Washington City Center ( Awesome new facility, finally somewhere to have fun with the kids!) . Here are some pics of how much my son LOVES chocolate.. Look at him enjoy that bite! This is directly after the swallow... does he look like hes in heaven! He be lovin' him some cholocate!
This is kinda random, but this is his new favorite thing to do! I just go up to the copy shop and get big squares of butcher paper and tape it to the floor, and hand out the crayons! We have had some mishaps with the tile.. and crayons. You can imagine, but Mr. Clean Magic magic!

Ok, so yesterday, JJ REFUSED to take a nap, which was pretty irritating, but whatever. So I got him ready for bed earlier than usual, and he always watches story time before bed (Little Einsteins Movies), well last night, he was being more quiet than usual during story time, so I crept in.. and this is what I found! His little head was bobbin up and down, it was so stinkin' cute! I LOVE this baby!

Like two days earlier, JJ again would NOT take a nap! So, these were taken around 6:30 p.m. while he was supposed to be watching Nemo... Again, he was being way quiet, and Jeff and I decided to have some fun with it. No, we don't have a life, to answer your question!

Much of our time has been taken up by this... Our yard was a nightmare when we bought the house! There were huge tall ugly 25 year old hedges surrounding the yard, you couldn't even see the house. So, we took a couple months, a good friend with a tractor to take out 4 ft' roots, lots of new sprinkler heads from being pulled up with the back-hoe ( the roots were wrapped around the pipes!!)..and were still not done, but it's looking MUCH better! p.s.... ignore these two yahooos.
The thick pad of dirt was just ONE area where the bushes were pulled out! What a mess!!!
We spent 24th of July hangin out at home in Hurricane... We went to the park and had some dogs and burgers and let JJ play some games.. here are a few cute pics...
Gosh, I just wanna eat those cheeks! He be lovin' him some cheesburger!
Me and my little pig! This baby just brings so much happiness to my life, I can't even imagine what my life would have been like without him!!!
To sum it all up... not too much excitement has been goin on, just the norm! But Jeff did pass his physical today for the county! Yea!! One more step, we are so excited... Now he just needs to get hired!!! O yea, and still no job in my court.. Happy Blogging!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

how cool is this!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vegas or BUST!

Hey all! This is going to be a pretty boring blog, cause nothing exciting has been happenin lately! Jeff finally turned in his application to the Sheriff's Office, jeez they ask you about everything and you have to turn in with it everything but your left leg! No secrets here!!

Other than that, its been a quiet week.. I am, however, very excited about August 9 and 10..because I get to go down to Vegas for the weekend all ALONE with no kiddies or hubby (love ya babe) !! I already reserved Emily to tame some mane for a sista..holla! And all you girlies down there in the big LV... we are having a girls night at Cheescake Factory! So, I hope that all you guys can come and we can have some fun times :)

Oh yea, and little JJ learned a new word. "shut-up".. Thank you Toy Story :)

That's all for now folks! Hopefully my next blog is funner... And I'll have pics next time ( I left my charger at my mommas, so i can't download pics!)

Happy Blogging