Monday, September 28, 2009

So much to blog...So little time!

Where in the world has the time gone?? I just had to take the time (at work, of course) to just do a post.. a small update! No pictures today as I am doing this in my spare time at work, but lots to tell...

We are official members of our new ward, and its only been two weeks and we already love it! We have been so warmly welcomed and warm that Jeff already got a calling haha... (I will get one now that I am teasing him, I know it).. He got called to be the varsity coach in young men's to the 14-15 year old boys. I think he will be so awesome at this new calling, and lucky for him the guy over him is a HUGE scout, so they have some pretty adventurous stuff planned! He will be teaching once a month on Sundays, which I think will be GREAT for him. The only sad part is now I lose my Sunday School partner in crime..but then again, who knows how long I will be going to Sunday School with my new calling Jeff is convinced I am getting next Sunday!

WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!! WAHOO!!! It ended up being a short sale of course. It was about 60K less that we owed. Yes, that is how much we lost in ONE YEAR. In 2008 we bought the house with equity, YES I said WITH EQUITY! It was a long hard road of 5 sale fall thru's. Just when we were about to give up, the Lord answered our prayers with a motivated cash buyer. We closed in less than a week from the offer!

We have done some fun stuff lately, so I will try and sum it all up...

In August, we went on a hike in Zions with my brother and sister in law. It was tons of fun, the kids came along too. We had ice cream in the park and ate at a creepy restaurant in Virgin, UT... Once in a lifetime experience that was :)

For Peach Days this year we were graced with the presence of Joey and Andrea and Jack for a FUN filled weekend of food and late night games ( including Andreas major CHEATING on Scattergories!!) Haha Love ya girl! We had SO much fun with them and cant wait till they come up again next weekend for Jeff's big b-day weekend and plates full of Sushi :)
PS.. Andrea, I am STILL waiting for pictures, I will give you till the weekend, then I am gonna kick your butt hehe....

Jeff turns the big 3-3 on Octover 10th... We are planning and fun dinner out and maybe a little party bbq for him on Monday the 12th... We are also going to visit the Staheli Farms Pumpkin Patch with the kiddos.. And if plans go our way we will celebrate with our awesome friends. And maybe even a shopping trip to Downeast Basics home store, just for you Andrea! I want some cute cheap home decorations :)

October 15-18, Jeff gets to go on a vacation with his dad and brother to California to see my nephew graduate Marine boot camp. It will be an awesome trip for them. They are taking dad to their home town of Yucaipa, Ca. and just coasting the highway together. Jeff is so excited to spend some quality time with them and just have a fun boys weekend. Me on the other hand will be starting my second round of HCG, and be home all alone with the little man....

Speaking of HCG, I just finished a 25 day round and lost 20 pounds! I can't wait till the next round so I can get skinny for the Holidays.. only to get chunky again on mamas Thanksgiving stuffing! Really, it was a challenging diet, but I endured and it was so worth it!

Now, for the most important thing yet.... And update on my little man JJ..

He is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me.. I do not know what I would do without him in my life, he is my reason for living! Here are some things about JJ at 2 years and 10 months ( YES, he will be 3 in two months!!!)

- He is obsessed with Transformers and Coraline
- He is the funniest kid I have ever met, really I have never been around a funnier kid. No joke!
- He has a bit of a potty mouth and seems to like the word b-hole. I cannot figure out where he heard it from. Its a little embarassing to admit, but it friggin' hilarious cause he doesn't say the word he actually says "B-Hole".. Really??? Who taught this kid!
- He loves evening walks with mom and dad, I think its his favorite time of day.
- He is going to be Batman for Halloween, his choice.
- He loves mac'n'cheese.
- He loves his mommy... But he LOVES his daddy. Just the way daddy thinks it should be.
- He loves to mow the lawn on the tractor with papa.
- He only goes to nursery because they have tractors. Which is ok with me.
- Everytime we see a tractor, he yells "Mommy, there's a tractor! Im gonna drive a tractor when I be a Farm" (Meaning he wants to be a farmer).
- He loves to play at Lisa's and Gama's and Gampa's while mommy works.
- He comes into mommy and daddy's bed every night at 3am. But goes to bed in his own bed like a big boy at bedtime.
- He has no bed time, he stays up every night with mommy and daddy watching movies and eating popcorn :)
- He is the light of everyones life around him, this kid has so much love given to him, he will be filled up forever.
- He gives the best hugs and kisses and gives so much love! He has the sweetest lips and LOVES to just cuddle.
- He self declares proudly that " I am mommy's baby, but I am daddy's bog boy"

What would I do without this kid?!?! Someday we hope for number two..but for now, I just relish in the moments I have with this little guy!

Thats all for now.. I will be back very soon with some pictures to go with all our fun things that have been going on ( HINT HINT Andrea!)....