Monday, November 24, 2008

The latest events...

Here's a little list of the things our family has been up to lately..
- Work, work and more work for the both of us :)
- Trying to spend as much quality family time that we can
- Re-modeling our hall bathroom
- Hanging out at street ball basketball games (see pics below)
- Attempting to keep in tradition with having atleast 2 date nights a month (we actually succeeded this month!)
- Having an (almost) 2 year old, who thinks it is already time to go through the TERRIBLE twos!
- Jeff got to go down to Vegas to take Kyli fishing at Lake Mead for the day fishing on the boat for her birthday.
- Lenzi is very busy getting JJ's birthday party all planned, it is of course 6 days before Christmas!
- We are both excited to go shopping on BLACK FRIDAY! We are excited because this is the first year we get to go together and actually spend the day shopppin' and hopefully get all of our Christmas shopping done, YEA RIGHT!

Here are a few pictures of our latest happeinings.. Enjoy!

JJ " fickin" his tractor.. don't worry, Dad was on close watch letting him use the real screwdriver!

JJ and Dad "fickin" his tractor together, JJ thought it was extra cool Dad was wearing his real workin' gloves :)
Isn't she a beaut?! Man, you don't realize how ghetto your house looks until you tear it apart and take a picture!
Hey, I have a joke... Once there was a boy and a girl who decided to remodel their bathroom in November. They both say that the bathroom will be all pretty and remodeled before Christmas! HAHA ( That was the punch line!)
Jeff and I had the opportunity to go and see a street ball basketball game. I don't know how many of you are familiar with these guys, you can see them play on ESPN playing for And1 (the shoe brand), they don't play professional ball, but they play the whole game doing tricks and some of the things they can do are amazing! Jeff's work sponsered the game here in St George, so we got to go sit on the front row and see it close up!
Here is Jeff and I with "Hot Sauce". All of the players have names that they use when they play!
Jeff and "Spyda" after the game
Jeff has this little scooter on the lot and JJ loves to ride it with Dad! He had the best time rising around the lot with him.
These are just some courtesy photos of the present JJ made for me the other day. What makes this present so thoughtful is that about 10 min before this picture, I had his room flawlessly clean, then I had to go take a shower to get ready for work. If you look closely, you can see JJ with a tube of lotion. Enough said.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An official apology to the "LOSERS" of the world....

So... as you can see, yesterday was a pretty rough day. Let me rewind a little bit and tell you how my day was brightened after the sun had already gone down.....

I drove up from work around 6:30 pm.. I walked into the house, still sick to my stomach that someone had stolen my purse, and also feeling a little stressed at the list of calls I had to make to fix my stolen wallett problem..I decided to go straight into my bedroom and change into warm comfies so that I could be comfortable for the night. I geared my hair stuff up, ready to do Rickell's hair (which turned out fabulous, if I do say so myself). I started digging into my clean laundry (NO, I hadnt folded it yet ok?!) and I see this oddly familiar looking blue and red plaid fabric..............

IT WAS MY FREAKING PURSE.........................

At this point, I don't even want to tell anyone because as you can see from my last post, I was not very kind about losers who steal! HAHA Well, I am here to say I AM AN IDIOT!
How, do you ask, did my purse end up in my laundry basket??? Well, once I saw the purse, I instantly remembered......

Rewind to Monday night..
I drove up from work, and even though I previously stated that I left my purse in the car, I LIED! I remember now that Jeff and I had decided on the phone on the way home to NOT go out to dinner, so that meant I would not have left my purse in the car to go change, I actually drove up from work and remembered that there were clothes in the dryer that I had put in before work, so I grabbed my purse and threw it in the laundry basket, picked up the laundry basket and threw my clothes in.. Low and behold, the purse was there the whole time!
So, in answer of your comment Les, I would have loved that call last night, I was in a great mood!
Although, my kid did still lock himself in his room, and I had to ruin his door and break the casings around if my bathroom in the middle of a remodel doesn't look ghetto enough!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This world houses some SERIOUS losers...

Why? Do you ask, well let me get you up to speed.... I guess I am so nieve to what losers we live around. Do you all agree that it takes a serious loser to sneak up onto ones personal property (ie car port) and open up that persons vehicle to STEAL their purse????

Well, that's exactly what the ***ing loser decided to do at my house last night. Here's the scoop.

Last night, I drove up from work around 6:30 pm. I decided I would leave my purse in the car (which was in the dark car port, and there was also no sunlight left to be seen). Me, being the idiot that I am, left my purse in the car because I was going to just run into the house and change really quick because we had decided to go grab a bite to eat for dinner. Once I got into the house, we had changed our minds and decided to stay in and cook dinner so that we could work on the bathroom remodel. Not even thinking that I had left everything in the car. We got busy cooking and cleaning, that the purse being in the car became a distant memory.

By the time we finished clearing out the bathroom, and getting JJ out of his bedroom that he locked himself in by breaking the door AND the casings around it ( that's a post for another day), we realized it was 10 oclock and JJ hadnt even had a bath yet! So, we hurried and got everyone showered and ready for bed. So... by this time it was 11:30, and we hit the sack. Fast forward...

This morning about 10:45, JJ and I were all ready to head out to the doctor to get some antibiotics for his booger nose and cough.... I looked for my purse in the house and remembered at that moment that I had left it in the car, so......

As I walked out to the car and opened the door, I looked at the seat, and my stomach dropped. NO PURSE. So after the doctor, where I had no checkbook or Insurance card, I drove straight to work.. blocked the debit cards, called the temple ( my recommend was in my wallett), called all three credit bearus ( My SSN card was in there, stupid, I know)... and now I get to go buy a new license, file a police report, and pull out my hair.

Did I mention we are remodeling our bathroom, and now have a broken childs door and baseboard... and I am officially done on my soap box. I am so pissed today. Happy blogging.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Family Pictures 2008!

We chose today to be our family picture day for 2008! We woke up early and drove about 5 minutes to a little town outside of Hurricane called Toquerville. There is a subdivision called Cholla Creek, and it has the most beautiful little pic nic park running along a stream. We got there all dressed and ready just a little after 9 am, it turned out to be the best time of day for the sun in that specific area. Here are a select few from the photo shoot... There is actually one homework assignment that goes along with this post.. We are in limbo about which picture to be 'the one' for this years Christmas card, so I will number the first three pics and everyone cast their vote! I will let you know next week which pic took the cake! (Not to sway ANY votes, but I (the mom, and bottom line decision maker) am particularly partial to PHOTO NUMERO #2)... I'm just sayin'..........




Is that not the cutest friggin baby in the WORLD!? OK, I know what you're thinking, he doesn't look like a baby.. But,he is.. he's MY BABY :)

The two most handsome boys this side o the Mississippi! Ok, well actually , just the two most handsome boys, period!

RANDOM!!! Below is the funniest picture EVER.. Don't let the brightness fool you, this picture was taken at 2 AM in the pitch black of night... I used my night vision on my camera and the flash of course.. Look at how he is sleeping! He is TOTALLY knocked out.. Slept through the night! Hilarious Eh?!

I am so happy for the Holidays to be upon us! It's time for fun memories, and awesome blogging! I can't wait to see everyone start getting in the spirit of the Holidays!! Todays family picture's really made me feel like they are here, we always do our pictures at this time of year, and I look at them each year and see my little family grow, both physically and spiritually. I see every year more love in the eyes of my precious hubby for both JJ and I, and I see that same growth exuded in mine as well. I didn't want to get sappy, but I just love to look at still photos of my little family, especially my precious baby boy. Time flies, and I am reminded of that every time I see little moments caught in photos! I hope everyone takes advantage of this time of year to reflect on the same! It is the time of year to be THANKFUL for our MANY MANY blessings! Today I got to see mine captured forever! Happy blogging.....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tagged by Shawna..

So, I was tagged by Shawna to post the 4th picture in the 4th album on my computer :) I am happy to report this is the ACTUAL 4th picture in the 4th album! Now I tag Leslie, Lisa and Melissa!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cookies. Rain. Guitar Hero. supermodel-esque photo shoot..

Tonight we decided to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! It was a rainy and cold day here... just a perfect day for movies and cookies.. with a little milk of course! Due to the graphic pictures below, I just want you to remember that we are sane (for the most part), and well fit people to be raising an innocent child, and living among society!! It was fun to spend some time together... baking and watching Iron Man! It was JJ's first time mixing cookies. He had a fun time, but obviously, as you will see below, probably not as much fun as mom and dad :) We also played Guitar Hero.. but we rocked out so hard core, the pictures were deemed too graphic by Haha. Really I just didn't get any pictures, but the first excuse sounded way more rock star. PS... I dyed my hair dark last week, Jeff loves it way more than the blonde so I thought.. WHY NOT!?!?!

I threw this decent picture in the mix just so that you could all see that our faces didn't get stuck from taking idiotic pictures for an hour. Really, it was an hour.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Well, to start off, here are a couple pics from this morning that made me happy! JJ got to mow the lawn with grandpa.. No two things make this kid happier... Grandpa and a tractor. So, you can guess that he was pretty much in heaven!

We had a fun Halloween week this year, lots of pictures follow to make up for all this time with picturless postings :) Hope everyone had a happy and fun Halloween.... we sure did!

Here is my little girraffe.. He didn't like the hat part, so this is the extent of the costume that you get! He really did look cute, and he LOVED trick or treating! Every house we went to he would actually say "trick-or-treat" and "thank you", I thought he would be more shy, but I guess I was wrong! This kid will do anything for candy :)

These are our pictures from Staheli Farms pumpkin patch and petting farm. We had to go at night, so the tractor rides weren't going, but we had a good time anyway!

Daddy and his boy on the John Deer tractor tricycle... I should have snapped a shot of the fit he threw when we took him off the thing to go home....

There was a big pile of dirt with tractors in it for kids to play in... I wonder where JJ was????

You guessed it!

This was his face when we told him that if he smiled for one more picture, he could go back and ride the John Deere tricycle... Have you ever seen such excitment in a face??!!?!

Here is our little family picture..." hmm.. where is my pocket? " Jeff says!

Here below is JJ being convinced by his dad to pet the baby Lamb.. and as you can see by the little finger sloooowly going in for the pet, daddy succeeded at the convincing game

Dad had to, yet again below, convvince JJ to pet the daddy sheep.. and again, above, JJ caved, petting the big sheep.. this kid caves into peer pressure like no one I have ever known!

JJ once again giving us a cheesy smile, we used 'just smile one more time and you can ride the
tricycle again!' trick...

This is at the entrance of the farms... this was the moment the John Deere tricycle was spotted. Damn bike, it is really taking over this post!!!

Pumpkin carving night! JJ was lovin diggin out the insides of the pumpkin... Here are some fun pictures from our night!

Some quick random pictures..... JJ thinks that he fits in this chair... He is so freakin cute!

JJ LOVES his grandpa... and I am pretty sure the feeling is reciprocated.. I am so glad that JJ has his grandma and grandpa close, I hope he has years and years of more memories to make with them!!
I dig this picture, I can't believe how big my little guy is getting.. It seems like he was born yesterday!

Well we have had a fun October.. and I hope that the rest of the holidays are just as fun for us! Hope everyone had as much fun as we did! Happy blogging!