Monday, September 22, 2008

Salt Lake trip...A day in the shop with Grandpa, and DIY home decor pics!

So, this is a very long post with lots of fun pictures! First, we went to Salt Lake two weeks ago and visited Temple Square and Hogle Zoo. It was so much fun to get away for a couple days and just hang out and not have to be anywhere! While we were up there, we met some friends and did some shopping at the Gateway and ate some delicious sushi for dinner! Just a side note, JJ does NOT like the Hibachi grill, the fire freaked him the heck out! All in all, it was a really fun and relaxing trip! I threw a couple pictures of JJ with Grandpa Campbell just out of the wood shop! JJ loves to be with his grandpa, whether its on the porch swing or sittin on the table in the wood shop "helping" grandpa build things! I love the pictures of these two hams.. And, last but not least, tonight I finished my latest HGTV inspirational project (haha).. I am an HGTV freak, and I think that I actually have the same ability as the designers to do the same things! Well, I decided I wanted to paint my fireplace brick wall.... I haven't put the decorations up on the brick yet.. but you guys can be honest and tell me what you think! I think it actually turned out pretty cool looking... I'm satisfied!
This coming week is going to be a busy one.. JJ has his very first day of "daycare" on Wed ( Pray for me!!!), and on Saturday, we are going to Vegas just to stay the night and spend Sunday with Jeff's family, they are all so excited to see JJ and it should be a nice little getaway! Atleast for a day!

We left for Salt Lake at 9 p.m. on Saturday, we figured it would be best so that JJ could just go to sleep..... It seemed like a spectacular idea, until , after sleeping for 4 straight hours, when we got to the hotel, JJ wouldn't go back to sleep until 4 a.m! So, next time we take a trip, it will be in the broad daylight..............
But, he does look stinkin' CUTE in his Hulk jammies! I love this kid..
Heres daddy and JJ on the train ride at the zoo.... look at his fake smile! hehe
Me and my little man... I was trying to get JJ to give a funny cheezy face too, but instead I just ended up looking like an idiot!
JJ in his new alligator hat! I think it was a little too big.....
Daddy and JJ throwing pennies into the reflection pool at Temple Square
I tried for a cute pic.... isn't my husband sexy??!! haha

Daddy and JJ sitting in the gorillas lap, after this picture was done, we decided to have some fun with the gorilla... JJ was looking at us like we were nuts!!!! Jeff posing in true form! hahaha typical man :) I don't even have anything to say.

He is practicing for when he is a model!

JJ and mommy at the giraffes... well if mommy wasn't standing in front of them, you could see them... this picture was taken at the end of our VERY long zoo trip.... do you like the red sweaty face! It was freakin hot in Salt Lake that weekend!!!

I thought this was a cool picture... The week after we left, there was a story on the news that one of these two elephants dies later that weekend! I'm not sure which one, but how sad!
I totally dig this hippo picture! You can get so close to them.....
Just hanging out in the cave under the elephants and hippos
Here's JJ givin us the good ol' cheezy face! He loved the snake and didn't want to leave it!
We put JJ on the back of the lions, at first he freaked out cause he thought they were real, it was so funny! But once he was on, he had no intentions of getting off, needless to say, the camera got turned off for momma to open up a can of whoop.... well, you get it.. he threw a catastrphic fit after having to dismount the gold lion!

Ahhhhh... a long day at the zoo ended! How funny is it that he totally fell asleep with his legs crossed!

JJ and his "Gampa" after a long hard day workin in the shop! These two are definetly peas in a pod!

How dirty can a kid get?!?!

Here it is, my painted fireplace! Ignore, please the 70's orange tile that is the hearth! I have some extra kitchen tiles that will be replacing that beautiful tile.... O sad day to see it go. But, back to fireplace.....
What do ya think.. success??? I think I am totally diggin' it.... Onto another project.......

Friday, September 19, 2008

Good news... And then some more news.....

No pictures this time, I am a slacker and still haven't downloaded my pictures from Salt Lake yet! We had a really good time up there, but I will post all about that trip this weekend when I get my pictures downloaded! Onto other news....

I GOT A JOB!!!! Wa-FREAKIN- hooo! I started at a credit union here in Hurricane last week and I already totally love it! I really like all the people that I work with, and it's nice also becuase I already know most of the memebers being that it's a small town and I have lived here forever! This job comes as such a blessing, and at such a great time for us! I have great hours and JJ doesn't have to be in a daycare! I found a local girl here who has a boy the same age as JJ and she needed some extra money so she will be taking care of him 3 days a week.. I work from noon until about 630 every night, it's so awesome because JJ and I still get to be together all morning and he will have his day all alone with daddy on Mondays, and grandma and grandpa on Tuesdays, and then he will get his social life on playin with a new friend Wed, Thurs and Friday!I also will be working occasional Saturdays..but thats what nieces and nephews are for right?? FREE LABOR! I am also really excited because this girl who is watching JJ is involved with a mommy and me group and she asked me if she could take JJ, so he will be doing fun stuff like the library and the park, and even doing little learning activities! Our prayers have really been answered! O and I was originally looking for full time, but I was able to take this job part time because I still get 30+ hours a week, and I don't have to travel to St. George everyday and pay full time daycare, and I get more time with my little man.. AND it is the best pay I have been offered, and it's two blocks from my house! There is also a ton of teller tier levels to advance to and get pay raises twice a year..So can you tell I am so excited?! Onto some other news.....

We got a letter in the mail today, well Jeff got a letter (haha)... It was from Purgatory Correctional Facility where Jeff has been trying to get on as a Correctional Officer, he passed all of his tests and background checks (phew.. just kidding)... But the letter said that they are not expanding this year due to the economy, so they aren't hiring new recruits :( Jeff is totally bummed, and I am too, but I hope that he knows how SUPER proud we are of him for working so hard at passing all of his tests, and doing so well on them.. There is still hope though, he is in the stack as passed and ready to hire, so when it is time to recruit, it will be his turn! Until then, he is going to try and get on in Mesquite, which would suck because that would be commuting through the gorge everyday, but you do what you gotta do! And, he says, if all else fails, we wait patiently and be grateful that he has a great job with awesome benefits now... plus he will just ask for a raise! haha

JJ is doing fantabulous! Not much going on with him besides growing like a little weed! He is adjusting to our new schedule great, and next week will be his very first time with the new sitter... wish me luck!!!! I will be back very soon with some fun pictures of our Salt Lake trip.. They come with a fun story of our very interesting trip! See ya'll lata!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Could you resist this face...Cuz I can't!!!!

Is that not the cutest pucker you have ever seen!!???! This is JJ's new way of telling you that he wants a kiss! He will call your name and pucker, you then have to walk to where he is at and give him the kiss... haha! This kid is a stinkin' ham and a handful! He just brightens every part of my day, and makes everything so funny :) He is also into "knuckles".. he no longer will give hi-fives, he wants to hit knuckles! And it is so funny, because he will walk up to complete strangers and hold his little fist up and say "knuckles!".. Hilarious!

I just wanted to post a little update, and I thought I would make a little note of the things we have been up to in our home....

1. I have been scrapbooking the heck outta myself! I am a soon to be Stampin' Up! demonstrater, and I am preparing for my very first class.. we are making greeting cards, and cutting enough out for up to 20 people to have every little piece is..well.. tedious at times! But I absolutley love it!

2. I still haven't found a full time job yet, still working part time, but we are convinced that there is a plan for us, we just have to be patient!

3. We had Emily up for Labor Day weekend, and it was so fun! We had such a good time just being, well, LAZY! We watched movies, made hawaiin haystacks and painted toenails.. and of course, caught a movie! It was an awesome change in the daily grind, we really enjoyed having her here, and hope she comes a lot more!

4. JJ is just growing like a weed.. and I am already getting ready to start planning his bday party for dec.. I know it seems early, but with all the holidays around his birthday, I want to give everyone heads up on the invites, and I want it to be one fun party! So, you all prepare to be in Utah in December, cause we are having the funnest barnyard party in town!

5. Last, but certainly not least, we are leaving to Salt Lake this afternoon, and we are so excited! We havent had a vacation, much less a mini-one, like the one we are about to take, in almost 2 years! We are going to be there until Tuesday night! We are going to the Zoo and all the fun normal family things you do in Salt Lake.. and of course, SHOP! Wahoo.. Im excited! Until next Wednesday... Have fun..Happy blogging.. And love everyone tons!