Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend we decided to spend some of it up in Parowan with Joey& Andrea and cute baby Jackson and Kim & Bryan and cute baby Dax! We had such a good time with them grillin yummy hamburgers (that I grilled all myself!) and watchin the UFC fights! We spent some time riding 4 wheelers together and just had a really good time getting away from reality and having a fun weekend with them! It was such a fun thing to be with Kim and Andrea and see our kids together! It's crazy how time has flown by and that we are all mommys and have the three cutest boys in the whole world! Im so happy that we are a part of each others lives and I hope we never let it go, like we have so many times since high school! I love em too much to let em outta my sight! So to you Kim and Andrea, I hope you know that I will forever be here, so I hope your OK with that :) Thanks so much guys for the fun weekend and I hope it was our first of many!! Love you!

Me, JJ, Kim, Dax, Andrea and Jackson! How cute are those babies?!?! And us three hotties aren't too bad either! haha

You can see that Dax was STOKED for this one.....

Daddy and JJ gettin ready for the big ride!

Just back from the ride.. JJ LOVED being on the 4-wheeler!

Our official family pic for Memorial Day 2008!!
K tell me this picture isn't the cutest gay couple on earth gettin ready for their "man" ride.. Hold onto Joey tight Jeff.. and and don't let your purse fall off your back! Haha.. They look way too happy to be riding with each other!!!!!! Love you boys :)

Baby JJ just as happy as a lark sitting in the middle of an unpaved, dead end road eating rocks and getting filthy!
Joey, Andrea, Jackson and JJ chillin in the grass... JJ decided to join them, and made himself comfy!

Dax and JJ perfectly content and entertained in the road eatin rocks!

Jackson just would not look up for any pictures little stinky! He was not wanting to work the camera! This was the best I could do, and even JJ didn't want to look up in this one!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Daddy's Little Helper!

I have a son that is, well, ALL boy, and loves nothing more than being outside! He loves when it's time for doing yard work with daddy. Two weekends ago, while we were moving, Jeff decided to do the final yardwork before leaving the old house and, of course, had his little side kick to help him "water" the lawn! You should have seen the fit little JJ would throw every time we took the running hose away and told him it was time to go inside, it was hilarious! Oh, and by the way, if you read my "Cheezy Face" blog, you will notice that he has taken cheezy face very seriously..and now he puts it on EVERY time you take his picture! It's his new pose!!
Helpin' daddy "water" the lawn!

In comes the cheezy face!!!

This was the moment right after he got the hose back.. the face about three seconds before this one was much angry! You can see the pure happiness of gettin his hose back, and not having to go inside!


This is my most priceless picture. It shows me pure joy and happiness in my little man's face! He loves his daddy! And his daddy LOVES his boy!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

This post is gonna suck because.....

Im moving! And I just wanted to blog really quick just to let all know that I am still alive! Even though Im sure I am SO important to you all that you were actually wondering where I was! haha... Anywho, I am in the middle of moving, painting, moving..and painting. Oh and my one and a half year old is making it even more intersting than it already is! Love Yall and I will get back to this blogging world when my life stops spinning SO FAST!

Oh yea and Im stressed that The Hills finale is on Monday...what am I gonna watch at midnight on TiVo until it comes back on???!?!?! And then AI is almost done! What's a girl to do......