Monday, October 27, 2008

We're still hoppin...

Hey folks. We are here. No my internet is not down. I am just lazy. I mean busy. Really I am just so busy that I end up being lazy by the time I should be doing things I like, like for instance.. scrapbooking, blogging...etc.. instead, when I get that golden opportunity to do those things, I just decide being lazy sounds better! No major update, still no camera charger, so no pictures! We are, however, pumpkin carving and building a gingerbread haunted mansion this week, and visiting the local Staheli Farms pumpkin patch and corn maze, so I guess I should get on that camera charger.. O and Halloween, wow, I really NEED that dang camera to be charged! This weekend I have major party plans to make this blog all shiny and new, with new fun halloween pics! Have a good week, and a fun Halloween!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How Time Flies....

I can't even believe it has been almost two weeks since my last post, it seems like I did it yesterday! Time really does fly when you are working everyday, and the time I do have, I find suddenly so precious and I want to dedicate it all to my two men! No pictures today, besides not having any good ones, I have lost my camera charger! I am so stressed, I think I left it in the hotel in Salt Lake and I will just have to cave and order a new one from Sony... I am not happy! Owell..
So, JJ is doing MARVELOUS at his new babysitters! I am sooooo relieved, it feels so great to know that he is happy there.. He is so secure and I can tell he loves it there! His sitters name is Shawna and her little boys name is Maverick.. JJ has a Spiderman backpack that we bought especially for Mavericks.. So all the time at home, he will grab his backpack and bring it to me and say " Shada..Magick" (That is how he says their names!).. It makes me feel good knowing that he loves her already! He only goes on Wed, Thurs and Fridays, so the time in between is long for him not to see his little friend! Since day one, he has taken his nap so easy for her, she said that now he will just go to his backpack and ask for his blankie and binkie, and he will walk with her to 'help' her put Maverick to bed and then he walks straight to the couch, lays down and goes to sleep!! I am so grateful, words cannot express. I know that she loves JJ and he loves her, she tells me all the time how proud I should be for having such a well behaved child, I want to cry just typing this post! She tells me all the time how easy he is and polite and obedient.. it just leaves me to wonder.... WHY OH WHY is he not so perfect for momma and dada at home?!?! HAHA... Owell, I guess that's just the nature of the beast!
Well, enough about how perfect my son is (haha)... That is all for today.. hopefully I will see you again soon.. with pictures. I gotta go call Sony.