Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our life in a nutshell...

WE ARE BUSY!!!!!! I am seriously the worst blogger ever! I don't know how I let 2 months get away from me! I have so many pictures I need to update, but I figure I'll just bag it and start from here... But, since I have no pictures for this post, I will update you in words how that last two months have gone.

- Between work, home, being mommy, being wifey and supporting a husband who works full time, goes to school part time and is Assistant Scout leader.. I have lost my marbles!

- Does that mean I have to have a clean house too???

- I have no idea how I get so busy that I have found no time to blog.. SHAME!

- I got my 6 month raise at work.. wahoo!

- JJ is getting bigger and bigger before my eyes.. I am amazed by him every day

- Jeff started his CNA class this week. He says it seems quite overwhelming, but he will do just fine. In fact, he passed four tests todayWahoo!!!

-JJ is starting to suffer major seperation anxiety. At this point I thought it would get easier, but it seems to be going the opposite.

- My bday in January was good, I got the whole day off to spend with JJ and we went out and had a nice dinner

- Valentines Day this year marked the BEST one ever.. I got Jeff and Ipod, and he got me an Ihome for my Ipod touch.. They have both been the best presents ever!

- March 1st was our 6th wedding anniversary.. I am stunned and proud!

- Did I mention that my little baby is getting huge! I just can't get over how smart he is and how much he teaches me every day. Mostly patience.

- I learned this past month about the precious nature of life while watching a dear friend lose his mother. I hate funerals. And I hate people I love in pain.

- I am jealous and proud that Jeff is so dedicated to his schooling and the gym!

- I am learning to love my calling in the nursery. Learning, I said.

- I love my ward family

- I appreciate the way Jeff and I have made it through this economic crisis unscathed, although I can't say I hold much faith it will stay that way!

- I LOVE my support system!

- We got a new car!

- I finally organized my pantry.

- Jeff is getting Lasik this Friday, yippee for a quick trip to Salt Lake! (And a BAD wife who will shop while her man recovers in the hotel room!)

- I need to go to bed. The alarm will sound in 6 hrs and I have yet to dry my hair

Happy blogging! And I will not let 2 months go by again without blogging.. Don't lie, I know you are wiping the sweat off your brow in relief!