Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ella Mae Johnson

Doesnt it just have a special ring to it? We think so. Ella Mae Johnson is the name of the newest edition we will welcome around June 2, 2010 (Or May if she loves her mama!!). I wanted to put it in writing to make it official, and I think this will do the trick. There is a sweet story behind this name, how it came about, and why I think it has a 'special' ring to it...

Back in January, Jeff and I were up in the air about names... we could NOT agree on anything! For my birthday in Jan, Joey and Andrea came up to play for the weekend. Of course while here, Andrea and I were playing on the computer and started talking about names... what they want to name their next one (which better happen soon.. we need our kids close together in age :)), to what we were going to name this one... We were saying every name in the book... Brooklyn, Brinley, Rikki, blah blah blah. I was stuck on the middle name of Mae after my momma. Her middle name is Mae, so I wanted that to be for her... All of a sudden, it just rolled off Andreas tounge and it was decided instantly. Ella Mae Johnson.

This baby girl is a pretty special little bond between the motts and us :) Joey and Andrea were here visiting for Jeffs bday when I peed on the stick and found out she was on her way! Then, they were here when we chose her name, and even had a part in it :)

After we had decided for sure what her name was, I took it to mom and dad.. At first I got a little stink face from Mom, becuase she HATES her middle name, but I dont care.. And she wasnt too sure on Ella.. but it grew on them quick :) While I was there, my dad told me the story of my grandmother (his mom). Her name was Alice Ella Campbell. Her whole life, she wanted nothing more than a grand baby named after her. Dad said NO ONE was going to name their daughter Alice, and no one ever named their daugheters Ella. The closest she got to her wish was my sister Lisa, whos name is Alicia (the spanish Alice).So Grandma died before I was even born, with no Alice. And no Ella.

So, unknowingly, this new baby girl will have a namesake of two generations of beatiful, strong women. Her Great Grandma Campbell, and her Grandma Campbell.

Now, you tell me that name doesnt have a special ring to it :)

We can't wait to meet you little miss Ella Mae!


Brad and Leslie said...

Very nice! I love it that all of these new babies are coming this year! One Heier & Two Johnsons - FUN!

Melissa Everett said...

Where is andrea when I need her! Ha! I love the name! I wish we were set on a name already! Times a tickin! Ella mae is a beautiful name. I can't wait to meet her!!

Andrea, Joey, & Jackson Mott said...

oh that is the coolest thing I have ever heard, that is so neat that it was your grandmothers name too. How perfect!! I love that we have a special bond with little miss Ella Mae, she is going to love her auntie LaRoo and all of my crazy-ness and ding dong doorbell the babies coming ha-low! Ella---ha ha love you guys